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Terradonis® manual planters: for small seeds as well as big ones!

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For manual planting (or manual seeding), the Terradonis® range of machines offers top end performances. Terradonis® has chosen these particular seeders because of their outstanding results, both in Africa and in Europe, obtained by farmers and vegetable growers who need to combine low cost and precision seeding.

Depending on the model, they can be used to plant small vegetable seeds (onions, carrots, cabbages, radish, salad etc.), or bigger seeds such as maize, or beans... You can choose between one, three or six row manual seeders depending on your needs. Many optional accessories are available for the entire range.

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Self propelled seeder

Ideal for greenhouse use: easy to maneuver in all conditions. Standard row intervals and easy to change gear system capable of 11 different spot seeding distances.

JAS, self-propelled seeder / planter for small grains

For more technical information, please feel free to contact your local Terradonis® representant.


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Interested in becoming a distributor for your region? Contact Terradonis® to discuss distribution opportunities - we are seeking distributors for several countries throughout Europe, in Africa and the Middle-East.

  • Less than 2000m²
  • From 0.2 ha to 2 ha
  • From 2 ha to 5 ha
  • Over 5 ha

An example of some of the seeds you can sow with our high performance seeders :

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and many more..., , ,
Coated and larger seeds require special care. Contact us for technical assitance for your particular application

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