Small grain seeders

Small grain seeders

An unequaled system!

Designed by engineers with field work experience and specialised in precision planting, these seeders were created for market gardeners, landscapers and others needing a simple yet precise planting tool.
Select the seeding roll by measuring the size of your seed in the handy hopper cover scale. Set the spacing between seeds by choosing the drive chain sprockets. 6 different sprockets are provided as standard equipment. Set the planting depth. The guide plate and natural bristle brush take care of making sure that the right number of seeds are placed in the seeding roll.

User friendly, precise and cost effective!

Our manual seeders are amongst the lightest on the market! 
Our sturdy clear plastic hopper lets the user see the volume of seeds left at all times. 
The hopper is easy to clean, rust free and rain proof (unlike metal hoppers). 
Your seeds are protected by the anti-static seeding roll and natural bristle brush. 
The hopper is easy to place/remove and there is no waste of left over seeds. 
Price performance ratio of our manual seeders is simply put... exceptional!

For manual planting (or manual seeding), the Terradonis range of machines offers top end performances. Terradonis has chosen these particular seeders because of their outstanding results around the world, obtained by farmers and vegetable growers who need to combine low cost and precision seeding.

Depending on the model, they can be used to plant small vegetable seeds (onions, carrots, cabbages, radish, salad etc.), or bigger seeds such as maize, or beans... You can choose between one, three or six row manual seeders depending on your needs. Many optional accessories are available for the entire range.

Ideal for glasshouse use (salad, radish etc.), easy to manoeuvre and a powerful Honda GX or Briggs & Stratton 4 stroke engine with all wheel V-belt drive system. Available in 5,8, 9 and 10 row versions, on option you can choose 5 to 12 row made to order models. The standard row interval is 80 mm but a 45 mm interval is possible with optional accessories. 

Ideal for any field use can be mounted to a rotavator or a tractor. The independant seeding units, with a minimum interval of 160 mm, can be mounted from 2 rows and up. 

See the JTS in 15 row configuration with 80 mm row spacing and a single metal roller.


1-Row Hand Seeder for the planting of small grains

Number of rows : 1 | Minimum : 1 | Maximum : 1
495,00 €


The bar mounted small grain seeeder

Number of rows : 1 | Minimum : 1
918,00 €


2 to 4-Row Hand Seeder for vegetable or flower seed planting

Number of rows : 3 | Minimum : 2 | Maximum : 4
1 185,00 €


5 to 7-Row Hand Seeder for vegetable or flower seed planting

Number of rows : 6 | Minimum : 5 | Maximum : 7
2 354,00 €
4 663,00 €
6 747,00 €
8 621,00 €
2 011,00 €
3 049,00 €
7 763,00 €